Commercial Electric San Jose

David Wyman | 01/30/15

If you need someone to do electrical troubleshooting, give us a call. If you need electric wiring put in so you can have a fan in the ceiling, we can do that for you.

Alex Roldan | 01/30/15

If the electrical in your home is bad, you may be putting your insurance coverage in jeopardy.

Aleta Smith | 01/30/15

If you have 60 amp service and need it upped to 100 amp service, we can do that for you.

Eli Prunchak | 01/29/15

You can conserve energy when we upgrade your service panels.

Gabby Russell | 01/29/15

If your circuit breakers are making crackling sounds, call us right away.

Courtney Bueltel | 01/28/15

If you're remodeling your home and need to move electric plugs, give us a call.

Adam Burk | 01/26/15

Homeowners are not the best people to do electrical work in their homes.

Elizabeth Reeths | 01/24/15

Be careful if your electrical service conductors are overheating. Never use an extension cord in your kitchen to plug in appliances.

Jessica Barrett | 01/23/15

When you need someone who does outstanding work on outdoor lighting, give us a call.

Chris Cinolotac | 01/22/15

If you have exposed wires in your home, you need to call on an electrician for help.

Annie Webb | 01/20/15

If you blow a fuse when you plug in extra lamps, your electrical service needs to be upgraded. Before you put your house on the market, let us check your electrical system for you.

Antha Reid | 01/20/15

Without electricity, your heating and cooling systems probably won't work. If you are a builder and need an electrician on staff, give us a call.

Dan Smith | 01/18/15

Using extension cords in your home is always risky. If the electrical in your home is causing sparks, call us right away.

Dora Lugo | 01/17/15

If you need lighting put into your storage units, just let us know.

Jennifer Jay | 01/16/15

If you need to have 240v service in your home, we can do that for you. Hiring an electrician is something you should take seriously.

Becki Benoit | 01/16/15

Be sure you don't hook one electrical strip to another because it could be a fire hazard.

Beverly Knowles | 01/14/15

We can wire new buildings and rewire old buildings.

Gary Rue | 01/12/15

We can add a sub panel for you or stop your lights from flickering.

Jean Savage | 01/11/15

If you need to upgrade your electric, we can do that for you. Finding the right professional electrician is easy when you talk to us.

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