Commercial Electric San Jose

Barbara Brandt | 10/19/14

If you need motion lighting put around your house, we can install that for you.

Donna Hazelwood | 10/17/14

Be sure you don't over load your kitchen with too many appliances.

Candy Berniard | 10/15/14

You can conserve energy when we upgrade your service panels.

Jane Reyerson | 10/14/14

Be sure you don't hook one electrical strip to another because it could be a fire hazard.

Doris Davis | 10/13/14

We are licensed electrical contractors who can do any work you need.

Cindy Swanberg | 10/12/14

If you need spotlights put into your showroom, give us a call.

Diana Taylor | 10/11/14

Proper lighting is important to a business, especially if you want to show off your products.

Bill Tanner | 10/10/14

Before you put your house on the market, let us check your electrical system for you. We can take care of all your residential lighting needs.

Ekim Pilarski | 10/10/14

If the lighting in your store showroom need to be upgraded, we can do that for you. It's always a good idea to prevent any type of electrical emergency.

Diane Urata | 10/08/14

If you need an electrical estimate, we can do that for you.

Amber Kling | 10/06/14

If you find you're blowing fuses every time you cook, you need to call us. If you are remodeling your home, be sure your electric is up to code.

Jeff Lemay | 10/06/14

We can help with energy saving devices to help make your home more energy efficient.

Erin Phillips | 10/05/14

You should check the wiring in your basement before you install a new furnace. It's never a good idea to run extension cords throughout your home.

Amber Sandahl | 10/04/14

Repairing a home is one thing, repairing wiring is best left to experts.

Douglas Walker | 10/04/14

Lighting a convention center is a job we can do for you.

Jason Goggans | 10/03/14

Hiring an electrician is something you should take seriously.

Jennifer Zapach | 10/03/14

Some air conditioners take more voltage than others.

Donna Bitsche | 10/01/14

If you have outdoor lighting that's not working, give us a call.

Felicia Deleon | 09/30/14

If the electrical in your home is bad, you may be putting your insurance coverage in jeopardy.

Diana Murray | 09/28/14

If you have custom lighting and need it wired into your electric, we can do that for you.

Donna Vanevery | 09/27/14

If you have a store that sells specialty items, we can put in extra lighting for you. You want to hire only the most experienced electrician you can find.

Chris Ross | 09/26/14

We will be happy to show you renewable energy solutions to help you save money.

Christine Munon | 09/24/14

Installing outdoor lighting on your home is something you can do for the safety of your family.

Cindy Goldstein | 09/22/14

We can rewire an entire home or hospital or shopping mall. If your home was in a flood, let us check your electric boxes for you.

Gerardo Centelles | 09/21/14

Finding the right professional electrician is easy when you talk to us.

Jerry Holmes | 09/21/14

Commercial lighting jobs are never too big for us. Be sure the electrician you hire guarantees their work.

Heather Okubo | 09/21/14

There are some types of home improvement that include your electrical system that need to be left to professionals.

Jeff Pajor | 09/21/14

If you have a very old home, it is probably time to check out your wiring.

Christine Rossell | 09/21/14

Fixing an electric plug in the wall is something we can do for you.

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