Commercial Electric San Jose

Donna Bitzas | 12/17/14

You want to hire only the most experienced electrician you can find. Whether you need wiring for a ceiling fan or you need an entire home wired, we can do it for you.

Christy Buckingham | 12/17/14

If you need spotlights put into your showroom, give us a call. Hiring an electrician is something you should take seriously.

Dora Lugo | 12/17/14

Homeowners are not the best people to do electrical work in their homes.

Evan Horton | 12/17/14

If your home does not have grounded plugs, we can install them for you.

Jean Savage | 12/17/14

If you need electrical panel upgrades for your commercial building, give us a call. Commercial lighting jobs are never too big for us.

Gale Hart | 12/16/14

We can put in more kitchen outlets for you and make it look very neat. Whether you need a simple electric plug put in your garage or you need an entire home updated with current electrical, we can do it for you.

Dimitrios Kakakios | 12/16/14

If you find you're blowing fuses every time you cook, you need to call us.

Amy Adler | 12/16/14

If your home was in a flood, let us check your electric boxes for you.

Jane Green | 12/14/14

If you want to limit the maximum flow through your circuit breaker, we can install a circuit extension.

Harry Wyeth | 12/13/14

We can wire a smart home for you so you can turn on everything from a remote control.

Cathy Callaway | 12/12/14

When you need someone who does outstanding work on outdoor lighting, give us a call.

Barbara Hearne | 12/12/14

No electrical job is too big or too small for us.

Chris Hendley | 12/10/14

Using extension cords in your home is always risky.

Jennifer Roberts | 12/08/14

Never take chances when hiring someone to do electrical remodeling work in your home.

Charles Bradley | 12/08/14

If you are a builder and need an electrician on staff, give us a call.

David Dorfman | 12/06/14

Adding outlets is easy for an electrician. If you are remodeling your home, be sure your electric is up to code.

Erica Harmon | 12/05/14

We can install a new electrical box or convert you to new service panels.

Honorio Sanchez | 12/04/14

If you need to have 240v service in your home, we can do that for you.

Cindy Asher | 12/04/14

If you have little children, you need to be sure to block your outlets so they don't stick things into them.

Aislynn Trubee | 12/04/14

If you need electric wiring put in so you can have a fan in the ceiling, we can do that for you.

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commercial electric san jose