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David Wyman | 06/29/15

If you have little children, you need to be sure to block your outlets so they don't stick things into them. You will find many people who recommend our electrician.

Carla Duck | 06/27/15

Some air conditioners take more voltage than others. Having a good reputation as an electrician is very important.

Carolyn Mahon | 06/27/15

If you need lighting put into your storage units, just let us know. We can take care of all your residential lighting needs.

Beverly Gobbell | 06/27/15

You should always get a bid from an electrician before hiring them.

Doris Perch | 06/26/15

No electrical job is too big or too small for us. You should check the wiring in your basement before you install a new furnace.

Charlenew Willey | 06/25/15

If the electrical in your home is bad, you may be putting your insurance coverage in jeopardy.

Heather Okubo | 06/25/15

We will be happy to show you renewable energy solutions to help you save money.

David Augenblick | 06/25/15

If your circuit breakers are making crackling sounds, call us right away.

Effie Silva | 06/23/15

Many electricians offer services seven days a week.

Emily Davis | 06/22/15

If you're remodeling your home and need to move electric plugs, give us a call.

Donna Vanevery | 06/22/15

We can add a sub panel for you or stop your lights from flickering.

Debra Harrison | 06/22/15

If you have custom lighting and need it wired into your electric, we can do that for you.

Elizabeth Nichols | 06/21/15

We can wire new buildings and rewire old buildings.

Ann Owens | 06/21/15

If the lighting in your store showroom need to be upgraded, we can do that for you. If your home does not have grounded plugs, we can install them for you.

Colleen Donohue | 06/21/15

If you want to limit the maximum flow through your circuit breaker, we can install a circuit extension.

Dyane Kirkland | 06/21/15

You never want to take chances with the electrical box in your home.

Chris Heller | 06/19/15

Commercial lighting jobs are never too big for us.

Fred Risse | 06/19/15

If you are a builder and need an electrician on staff, give us a call.

Chad Cochrane | 06/19/15

Just like updating your appliances will save you money, improving your home wiring is a good idea too.

Anita Myers | 06/17/15

You may be able to do some electrical work yourself, but it's always safer to call on a professional electrician to do the job.

Alex Roldan | 06/15/15

Adding outlets is easy for an electrician. If you blow a fuse when you plug in extra lamps, your electrical service needs to be upgraded.

Cynthia White | 06/13/15

If you need spotlights put into your showroom, give us a call.

Carol Walters | 06/13/15

Homeowners are not the best people to do electrical work in their homes.

Charlotte Montgomery | 06/11/15

Be sure you have your electric checked so you don't put your family in danger.

Debra Wells | 06/09/15

If you have a very old home, it is probably time to check out your wiring.

Aimee Cribbs | 06/08/15

Proper lighting is important to a business, especially if you want to show off your products. When it comes to wiring installation, we are experts.

Jane Reyerson | 06/08/15

If you want to create a romantic mood, we can put dimmer switches on your lights for you.

Jane Jones | 06/08/15

When you find your breakers tripping constantly, you need to get them fixed right away.

Dave Johnson | 06/08/15

If you need to upgrade your electric, we can do that for you.

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