Commercial Electric San Jose

Adam Shircel | 03/03/15

It's never a good idea to run extension cords throughout your home.

Deb Maple | 03/01/15

There are some types of home improvement that include your electrical system that need to be left to professionals.

James Delong | 02/27/15

Commercial lighting jobs are never too big for us.

Ilene Raker | 02/27/15

Wireless alarm systems are best installed by professional electricians.

Ann Zahar | 02/27/15

We can install circuit breakers and replace burned out fuses at your restaurant or hotel. When it comes to wiring installation, we are experts.

Gabrielle Kolitsos | 02/26/15

Fixing an electric plug in the wall is something we can do for you.

James Roberts | 02/24/15

You should always get a bid from an electrician before hiring them.

Eleanor Schuster | 02/24/15

If you are remodeling your home, be sure your electric is up to code. We can upgrade or retrofit the electrical system in your home with ease.

David Sturgeon | 02/22/15

Be careful if your electrical service conductors are overheating.

Delight Dodyk | 02/22/15

If you need to have 240v service in your home, we can do that for you.

Elizabeth Pilgrim | 02/21/15

We can wire a smart home for you so you can turn on everything from a remote control.

Debra Carbohn | 02/20/15

If the electrical in your home is bad, you may be putting your insurance coverage in jeopardy.

Annette Gremmels | 02/20/15

Proper lighting is important to a business, especially if you want to show off your products.

Bethany Barnat | 02/19/15

If you're remodeling your home and need to move electric plugs, give us a call. If you have little children, you need to be sure to block your outlets so they don't stick things into them.

Belinda Canning | 02/18/15

If the lighting in your store showroom need to be upgraded, we can do that for you.

Amy Summers | 02/17/15

Finding the right professional electrician is easy when you talk to us.

Heather Zeigler | 02/16/15

If you need spotlights put into your showroom, give us a call. If you need an electrical estimate, we can do that for you.

Faye Fulper | 02/16/15

Repairing a home is one thing, repairing wiring is best left to experts.

Ann Delaney | 02/16/15

Rewiring a house is a big job that you should probably not tackle yourself. We can add a sub panel for you or stop your lights from flickering.

Christine Fausett | 02/16/15

We are licensed electrical contractors who can do any work you need.

Faye Overton | 02/16/15

Rigging electric in your home is never a good idea.

David Fischer | 02/15/15

We can put in dimmer switches on all your lighting fixtures. Adding outlets is easy for an electrician.

Cassandra Hardwick | 02/14/15

If you find you're blowing fuses every time you cook, you need to call us.

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commercial electric san jose